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PPE Antimicrobial Anti-Bacterial Blood Resistant Medical Uniform Fabric

    • Item Code: MF220
    • Composition: 65%Polyester 35% Cotton
    • Weight: 220gsm
    • Style: Twill
    • Width: 150cm
    • Function: Anti-static, Waterproof, Anti-bacterial, Medical Fabric
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Fabric Description and Key Features

#MF170, is one line of DROTEX® Medical Functional Fabric Series



ASTM F1670/F1671
EN ISO 16603/16604

OEM Service, Customized Color per Buyer Requirement

Henan Zhuoer Protection Technology Co., Ltd.


  • Waterproof ,Anti blood ,Anti bacterial
  • Excellent shrinkage under washing cycles.
  • Eco-friendly and Okeo Tex-100 certified.
  • Good air permeability ,Comfortable to wear, no smell. Application:



  • Can make Medical gown
  • Doctor and Nurse uniform
  • Surgical medical coverall
  • Medical bed sheet

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